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How do I get help with nerd.vison?

At NerdVision we are available to help you via a variety of channels. You can contact our support team, via email, or chat, or you can come and talk to the whole team on our public discord server.

How do we not affect performance?

NerdVision has a long history of building agents for monitoring tools, and we know the importance of not affecting your applications code. To accomplish this we have included several configurations and automatic controls to prevent putting too much load on your application while we gather the data.

Will NerdVision see my code?

NerdVision will allow you to view your code in the

How to connect your application?

NerdVision supports a few languages and each language needs its own configuration. In each case we have tried to make it as simple as possible, requiring just one line of configuration. For more info please visit our docs.

How long is data kept by NerdVision?

NerdVision will keep the data available for different times depending on the plan your group is on. The data is stored encrypted and can only be accessed by your group.

How to set a Tracepoint?

Setting a Tracepoint is easy simply create a workspace, by connecting a repository, and then install a Tracepoint like you would in an IDE.

Can I obfuscate data in a snapshot?

Currently, we do not support data obfuscation, we realize this can be important and we are currently looking at the best ways to achieve this without negatively impacting performance. If you are interested in this feature please let us know on our road map.

What languages does NerdVision support?

Currently, NerdVision supports Java (1.7+), Node.js (10+) and Python (2.7+). If you are interested in using

What ports does NerdVision use?

NerdVision agents all use a single port to contact out, all traffic is sent to port 443.

What IP address does NerdVision use? agents contact the NerdVision service on a single IP address ''.