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This document details how to download and install the python agent. Before installing the agent, review the requirements below. YOUTUBE


To use the python agent you will need:

  1. Python 2.7+

If you are using windows, we currently only support python 3.6+. If you would like additional support please add a request on our roadmap

Install Guide

  1. Install the nerdvision module pip install nerdvision
  2. As early in the python app as possible add nerdvision.start('API_KEY')
  3. Replacing the 'API_KEY' with the api key from NerdVision Account


The python agent is available on PyPI

What's next?

After you install the agent, here are some suggestions for what to do next:

  • Login to and create a workspace for your app.
  • Set a tracepoint on a line of real code (not comments) by clicking in the gutter.
  • Execute an action in the app that will cause the tracepoint to fire and a snapshot should arrive.
  • Look at the snapshot to see what live data from you app looks like.
  • Debug all your apps!

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