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When using Local folders NerdVision will ask you to upload a folder. This upload is just to the current browser session and will not travel to our servers or leave the users machine.

Sharing local repositories

As the local repositories do not travel away from the users' browser, it is not possible for other users to see what has been uploaded.

Local repositories are a great way to play with NerdVision, and to try new code quickly, but it is not recommended to use local repositories if working in a team.


As this approach does not travel there are a few limitations when using local repositories.

Sharing code

The files do not leave the browser of the user that uploaded the folder, resulting in other users on the same group not being able to see the code. It is also possible for another user to upload another folder into the same directory resulting in different paths and files between users.


As uploaded folders can be quite large in nature, we only cache the file tree and files that you have opened. Once you leave the page, you will only be able to see files that were cached. The cache does not persist between sessions or after logging out. If you need to see a file that was not cached, you will need to reupload the directory.


If a file is changed, or if the cache has expired, then you need to refresh the folder. When you refresh the folder you will need to select the folder again as NerdVision is unaware of the source folder location.