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Installation (Lambda)

NerdVision Lambda is installed the same way as described in the main install guide.

The only difference is the package used:

dotnet add package NerdVisionLambda
Install-Package NerdVisionLambda

<PackageReference Include="NerdVisionLambda" Version="VERSION" />
Copy the above into the project file to reference the package, updating the VERSION to use.

About this package

The main NerdVision package is designed for long-running applications. It maintains a connection to the NerdVision server in order to receive changes you make to your tracepoints in the NerdVision web ui.

This package is designed for short-lived serverless functions. Tracepoints will be received and processed when the function first runs but further changes in the NerdVision web ui will have no effect on the current instance.

Lambda Impact

Changes to your lambda runtime can have an effect on the cost of the lambda. We strive to ensure we have as minimal impact as we can. If you see a change to your lambda performance please contact support.