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GitLab GitLab

NerdVision supports connecting a repository from GitLab. We currently only support using the GitLab SaaS solution

Self hosted GitLab

Currently NerdVision does not support self-hosted GitLab instances. If you are interested in this feature show your interest via trello.

Find the URL

To connect a GitLab repository to NerdVision you simply need to provide the URL to the repository. This can be any of the following URLs:

  1. The URL in the browser when on the project home page repository url
  2. Either HTTPS or SSH URL when using git clone clone repository


When connecting to a public repository there is no need to add authentication to NerdVision to access the repository. If using a private repository then NerdVision will require the correct authentication to access the repository.

When NerdVision needs authentication a button will appear to ask you to connect the provider. auth request

To manage the connections to the providers see user profile

Disconnect NerdVision

To disconnect NerdVision from GitLab you can view the connected apps and click 'revoke'. rekove auth