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Known Issues

This page will list known issues with the Java agent. Including any information we have to help fix any problems.


Using NerdVision with Singletons in Java can be unreliable as the single instance cannot be reloaded. NerdVision cannot inject the callbacks required to collect the data. If the tracepoints are configured before the singleton loads, then the tracepoints will be installed and should trigger correctly.

Must be started first

Using the API in your code requires the agent to be started first. If you are using the javaagent start then this should not be an issue. If you are using the lambda start then you need to call NerdVision.getInstance().start() before calling the NerdVisionAPI.getInstance().

NoClassDefFoundError: com/nerdvision/agent/api/INerdVision

If using the API in your code, then the agent needs to be loaded into the JVM. If you are using the dependency com.nerdvision:nerdvision then this means you have to call NerdVision.getInstance().start() before using any class from the agent. If you are using the com.nerdvision:api dependency then you need to ensure the java agent is configured via the CLI using the -javaagent flag.