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Beta Nuget


This document details how to download and install the .NET agent. Before installing the agent, review the agent requirements below.


The NerdVision .NET agent requires:

  • .NET Core 3.0+
  • .NET Framework 4.6.1+

nuget usage

The recommended way to install this agent is to use the nuget package manager.

dotnet add package NerdVision
Install-Package NerdVision

<PackageReference Include="NerdVision" Version="VERSION" />
Copy the above into the project file to reference the package, updating the VERSION to use.


Once the agent has been installed, we need to be called to activate the agent. This call should be as early in the application as possible.

    NETAgent.NerdVision.Start("YOUR API KEY")
You can find your apikey on your NerdVision account

We also require that the following settings have been configured in the project settings:

  • Optimize code - should be disabled
  • Debugging information - should be set to 'Portable'

Project Configuration