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AWS S3 Configuration

LocalProxy with AWS allows you to store NerdVision snapshots in AWS S3. You firstly need to set up a bucket for NerdVision snapshots with an IAM user with read/write permissions.

For instructions on how to do this, please refer to the AWS docs.

To configure the LocalProxy to use AWS you need to set LOCAL_PROXY_STORAGE_PROVIDER=aws

Bucket Naming

If you bucket name is not nv-snapshots you will also need to set LOCAL_PROXY_STORAGE_BUCKET_NAME=<YOUR_BUCKET_NAME>

The table below shows the Environment variables that will be required to allow NerdVision to write to the bucket.

Name Required Description
AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID true The AWS Access KeyID for the IAM user.
AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY true The AWS Secret Access Key.
AWS_REGION true The AWS Region for the bucket