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Install Guide (Lambdas)


The NerdVision Python agent will run in all currently supported AWS lambda runtimes.

Install Dependency

The first step is to install the NerdVision dependency into your project. We recommend using pip.

pip install nerdvision

Now in your code you need to add the @nv_serverless annotation to the function that is the entry of the lambda function.

from nerdvision import nv_serverless

def handler(event, context):
    name_ = event['name']
    resp = {
        'name': name_
    return resp

You also need to provide the API key to for NerdVision. To do this, add the environment variable NV_API_KEY to the lambda environment. See our example project nerd-vision / examples / aws-lambdas / python-lambda

Lambda Impact

Changes to your lambda runtime can have an effect on the cost of the lambda. We strive to ensure we have as minimal impact as we can. If you see a change to your lambda performance please contact support.