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When connecting your agent to the NerdVision app, it can be useful to restrict which agents get the tracepoints installed. To do this you can use agent tags, these are key-value pairs that allow identification of the agents.

The way the tags are set depends of which agent you are using e.g. Java or Python.

To set tags for your agent view the documentation of that client, see Install Guides

Auto Tags

There are several tags that are automatically available for all clients, these include:

Name Description Example
hostname The detected network hostname for the machine the agent is running on worker-1
product_name The name of the agent product NerdVision Python Agent
product_version The version of the agent that is running 1.0.0
platform_name The name of the detected language environment OpenJDK Runtime Environment
platform_version The version of the detected language environment 1.8.0_202-b08
name The name of the agent click.service

Agent Name

One of the automatic tags is name this name is computed based on the information the agent is able to collect from your system. The name is computed in the following order:

  1. The user set name - this varies based on the agent, see Install Guides
  2. The discovered hostname of the agent
  3. A randomly generated name - if no other name can be found


A common way to identify agents is by the application name and version that is running. In Python this would be set like this:

nerdvision.start(tags={'app_name': '', 'app_version': '1.0.2'})