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The agent supports 3 methods of configuration:

  • Environment variables
  • IConfiguration
  • ConfigurationManager.AppSettings

The following options are available:

Name Description Env Var IConfiguration/ConfigurationManager
Api Key The authentication token used to authorize the agent NV_API_KEY ApiKey
Name The name of the agent, can be useful to filter to specific agents NV_NAME Name
Tags The tags for the agent, can be useful to filter to specific agents NV_TAGS Tags


If you are using the IConfiguration format you can pass an IConfiguration object to the agent when you start it:

using Nerd.Vision;


Example appsettings.json:

    "NerdVision": {
        "ApiKey": "api_key_here",
        "Name": "SampleApplication",
        "Tags": "AppType=Sample,Org=MyOrg"

Starting the agent

The agent can be started with either of the following overloads:

using Nerd.Vision;

NerdVision.Start(IConfiguration configuration?);

using Nerd.Vision;

NerdVision.Start(string apiKey, string name?, Dictionary<string, string> tags?, IConfiguration configuration?);
? indicates an optional parameter.