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NerdVision supports viewing your code directly in the browser by connecting your repository.

We respect your security

NerdVision never receives your code! It is loaded by the browser directly from the repository location.

Access to the repository is controlled per user, so each user that uses NerdVision will need to connect to the provider as their user on that provider. The user on the provider will then need access to the repositories in the provider to see the code in the debugger.

Connecting a Repository

To connect a repository you just follow these steps:

  1. Using the create menu select 'Create Repository' create repository
  2. In the modal choose either 'From version control' or 'From my machine'
    1. When using 'From version control' enter the URL for the repository (see supported providers below)
    2. When using 'From my machine' select the folder to upload
  3. Now click 'Create Repository' to complete the process

We do not see the files

NerdVision will not see the files that you upload. The files are only uploaded to the browser session and are not uploaded to us.

After following these steps you can now view your code in the NerdVision debugger to install tracepoints.

Supported Providers

NerdVision supports a few different providers including:

Don't see your provider?

If you do not see your provider in the list please let us know via chat, email or trello.