• Node 10+

Install guide

  1. Install the package npm i @nerdvision/agent
  2. Import it into your application import {nerdvision} from '@nerdvision/agent' (you can also use require const {nerdvision} = require('@nerdvision/agent'))
  3. As early as possible in the node app, add nerdvision.init('API_KEY')
  4. Replace 'API_KEY' with your API key from NerdVision Account
  5. The init function returns a promise. Once this has resolved, you're good to go


To see what options are available for configuring the agent, take a look at the Configuration

What's next?

After you install the agent, here are some suggestions for what to do next:

  • Login to debugger and create a workspace for your app.
  • Set a breakpoint on a line of real code (not comments) by clicking in the gutter.
  • Execute an action in the app that will cause the breakpoint to fire and a snapshot should arrive.
  • Look at the snapshot to see what live data from you app looks like.
  • Debug all your apps!

Known issues

  • We currently use your package.json file as a reference for the root of the project. This means that the package.json must be in the root directory of your repository.
  • When using a pre-processor for JavaScript, such as TypeScript, if files are lazy loaded at runtime their breakpoints may not trigger until they have been run for a second time.

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